AHUMANFLY is a Miami-based Gallery/Boutique, production company and apparel line formed from the mind of illustrator/designer/muralist Chris Pyrate.

Conceptualized in Washington DC after leaving Art School in 2010, AHUMANFLY was named after Pyrate's creative process; as the motto goes, "Be Subtle, Be Observant, Be Winged, Be AHUMANFLY".

Since conception the idea behind the brand was to celebrate the collaborative process allowing Chris to collaborate and produce with artists, producers & partners in a team effort in contrast to his normally solitary efforts when producing as only, Chris Pyrate. So far this has allowed collaborations, productions & partnerships with the likes of; Third Eye Comic, Strange Cat Toys, Wes P and more in the works.

Be Subtle, Be Obersrvant, Be Winged, Be Ahumanfly.

To contact us email: sales@ahumanfly.com